I am pleased to announce that I will now be offering Half Day and Full Day birding and Bird Photography adventures in the Greater Yellowstone Area of Montana!

Lewis's Woodpecker A 2016Lewis's WoodpeckerFound along our alpine adventure
Adventures will be based out of Stillwater County and are completely customizable to you, the client's need! Your Birding Adventure can be Half-day, Full day or Multi-day. Montana boasts over 400 bird species. Well over half of those species can be seen in Stillwater County, and the Greater Yellowstone Area.  Whether you are looking to up your life list count or just want to enjoy a day recreating, this is the Adventure for you!  Tours will include a variety of habitats including high prairie, sub-alpine, alpine, river bottom, and wetland areas. Birding/Photography areas will include local E-bird Hotspots and local known areas! Locations will be determined by time of year, weather, and the client's wishlist. Wildlife viewing and photography is never a guarantee, but I will do my best to accommodate, and maximize your trip. If you're spending time in the Greater Yellowstone Area, this trip is a must do! Species range from the common Western Meadowlark to the not as common Lewis's Woodpecker! This area also holds Peregrine Falcons, Long-billed Curlews, American White Pelicans and so much more. Spring (Apr-Jun) and fall (Sept-Nov) migrations are the best time to find the most species, however there are year-round opportunities. Other wildlife such as mule deer, elk, pronghorn, coyote, and fox are always a welcomed treat.


Half day trips (3.5 to 4.5 hours) include viewing/photography at a minimum of two hotspots and incidental birding opportunities. These trips will be more localized to minimize drive time and maximize opportunities. Snacks, water, and checklist will be included. Binoculars and Spotting scope can also be included. If the adventure is photography based, mornings and late afternoon/evening are best. On average, over 30 species can be recorded. 


Full day trips (6-10 hours) include viewing/photography at a minimum of three hotspots and incidental birding opportunities.  These trips can include longer drive times and moderate hiking in certain areas.  Snacks, water, and checklist will be included. Binoculars and Spotting scope can also be included. Lunch is NOT included and will either be brought by the client or we can stop at a local eatery. On average, a full day adventure can yield 50 or more species.


HALF DAY PRICES: $200 Single $175 (2-3) $150 (4-5)  PAYMENT DUE 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE

FULL DAY PRICES: $350 Single $300 (2-3) $275 (4-5) VENMO AND PAYPAL ACCEPTED 


Montana's weather can change every 15 minutes. It can and has snowed in July, and has been over 80 degrees in April! Dress in layers, including a hat, and rain gear. Sunscreen and bug repellent are a good idea. Trips can include hiking, It is important to bring comfortable hiking shoes. If you have binoculars, bring them! Photographers, bring your camera and a long lens, and a tripod/monopod. We suggest a minimum of  100mm up to 800mm. 

An example itinerary for a full day would include:  Meet in the early morning in Columbus, Montana at Palladium Brewing or other designated spot. Head to spot number one, 30 minute est. drive time. Spend 1-1.5 hours in area viewing/photographing. Drive to spot number two. 1 hour est. drive time. Spend 1-1.5 hours viewing/photographing. Drive to lunch eatery or eat on the way to Spot three. Up to 1.5 hours viewing/photographing. Drive to spot four, 1 hour est. drive time. 1 hour viewing/photographing. Get to our final viewing area and spend the evening viewing/photographing species. Finally, return to Columbus and end the day!--The itinerary is completely customizable. Let's communicate and make this a trip to remember.

If you have any questions, please email me via the contact page.  Check out the Gallery of Montana Birds to see what can be seen!  Thanks for choosing Chasing the Wild Outdoors Photography. Wild birds and animals are just that, WILD! They can and will be unpredictable. I will do my best to put you in the best situations for viewing/photography, but will never harass, or disturb the wildlife. As conservationist, I strive to always leave places better than I found them. These tours are pack it in, pack it out. Leave no Trace. Finally, let's go Chase the Wild! Sagebrush Sparrow B 2022Sagebrush SparrowFound on our sub-alpine, high desert adventure.